Alec Blenis has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology and is a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

He found early success in his athletic career in the world of obstacle racing. With a background in both weightlifting and cross-country in high school, it was only natural for him to podium in his first obstacle course race.

Alec has been a strength & endurance coach with CHP since 2014. He got an early start in endurance sports, running his first 50 mile ultra at age 16, later becoming interested in powerlifting and physique training. Combining his endurance background with strength, he earned a spot on the Spartan Race Pro Team, with podium finishes ranging from 2011-2021.

Outside of OCR, he has qualified for & run major marathons including Boston & NYC while training as a lightweight bodybuilder. His coaching clients have included collegiate endurance athletes, Best Ranger competitors, 500# deadlift + sub-5 mile hybrid athletes, and busy executives simply trying to get fit. He's coached hundreds of athletes in-person in Minneapolis and virtually around the world.

Alec wrote our OCR Training Templates, and happily does one-on-one consults to help make them the most effective templates possible for your individual goals.

Some of Alec's favorite clients have been the ones with totally off-the-wall goals or unique limitations (injury, equipment, time, etc). In his own training, he spreads his. time across a really wide range of disciplines, so it's always cool to work with someone similar who also wants to be a solid "all-arounder", combining 2, 3 or more individual sports. 

BS, Georgia Tech
Murph World Record Holder
Spartan Race Pro Team
Top 10 OCR
Ultra Runner
Vegan Athlete
Hyrox/Deka Competitor


FOllow alec on iG

Race updates, training updates, training tips (especially hypertrophy and strength workarounds for injury or limitation). Treasure trove of good info.



Alec is responsible for designing all of our OCR and event-specific templates, including World's Toughest Mudder, Stadium OCR, and Long/Short OCR templates. Check them out here:





Alec keeps me challenged and prepared for whatever crazy adventure I come up with last minute. I signed up after intense knee pain had me unable to run. With the right programming I have not had knee issues since, and that includes running down the Grand Canyon. 

I like the hybrid approach that keeps me strong and capable of running ultras without the need to put tons of hard running miles in. The strength training is challenging, the running volume/intensity is doable. I started this journey with Alec to train for a Spartan Ultra, which I succeeded in, but I also did multiple 50k's and my first 50 miler. I went from "I'm never doing an ultra" to "when is my next ultra." 

I love hybrid training and being prepared for anything. Never going back to another way of training

Kimberly S.


Coach Alec molded me from a below average athlete, to a strong endurance athlete. In addition throughout our journey he was able to maintain and improve upon my strength still throwing up some decent deadlifting, squat and overhead presses. This was my first coaching program. Overall I loved the build up over the years, coach would take a look at my goals and give me his honest feedback on what he thought I could accomplish within a time frame.

The Hybrid Athlete programing is legit, and you're able to round out your fundamentals and perform at a high level. I'm one of 7 people to complete 100 miles at the World's Toughest Mudder, since its inception in 2011. 

Javier Escobar