A lifelong athlete, Alex has participated and competed in nearly every sport imaginable (some with greater success than others), since being dragged to his first swim meet when he was four years old. He has coached over 1000 athletes of all ages and levels, in sports ranging from bodybuilding to ultra-running to triathlon to cycling to powerlifting. He has also prepared close to 80 individuals for Ranger School, SFAS, BUD/s, and other selective military programs.

His Hybrid Training method is simple — it consists of breaking down the demands and unique stressors of every type of training an athlete requires, and programming to target specific demands, not “labels” (i.e. “strength training,” “conditioning,” “endurance training,” etc.). The result is a style of programming that has produced a significant number of powerlifting triathletes and 300+ pound runners.

Although he is now devoting the majority of his time to educational offerings and exploring recent research to further widen CHP’s knowledge base, he accepts limited, motivated clients under his Premiere Coaching Package.

Alex does free weekly Q&As on his Instagram page, answering all manner of questions from vaccine trials to hypertrophy science.

BS, Duke University
Avid homebrewer
Ironman Finisher
Ultra Finisher
Dog Lover
Owns a cat named Kitten
Wrote a book



Weekly free Q&As, educational content, reviews, and beer



Alex volunteers weekly at the California Wolf Center, and wants to help as many wolves as possible. They are single-handedly responsible for rescuing, rehabbing, and protecting the Mexican Wolf (often mistaken for coyote) and are one of the only organizations that specialize in doing so. 





With CHP's programming with Alex, I went from bench pressing 135 lbs. to now over 235 lbs. What can I say other than I'm absolutely in love with my physique, how I feel on a daily basis, and that's a direct product of the programming I've been executing with Alex. I like the personalized training that comes across the Training Peaks app each day/week. Feedback from previous sessions results are incorporated and adjustments are made to generate the desired results.

My fitness training is centered around making me as successful as possible in my primary sport which is equestrian 3-day eventing, as well as my secondary sports of Ironman triathlon, and mountaineering. Reaching the pinnacle of success in my sport(s) requires that I be physically prepared and I really needed the very best programming available.

Frankly, I tried several other coaching programs until my last coach recognized what I was trying to accomplish and referred me directly to Alex. I think she said something to the effect, "this is next-level and I'm going to recommend the only person I know that can handle something like this". That was well over a year ago and now I feel like a modern spartan warrior. Aside from adding 100 pounds to my bench press I've summited several 10 and 14 thousand foot mountains in Colorado and the Pacific Northwest, and recently successfully completed Ironman Tulsa, Oklahoma. And the Ironman was with about 3 weeks of notice and I hadn't been able to swim more than twice in the past year because of lockdown.

Because of my overall level of fitness, I was able to cross the finish line and resume training three days later. I consider myself very lucky to have linked up with Alex and Ariana at Complete Human Performance. My physique and fitness have improved so much in the past year I've been in this program I can say it's had a sustained positive effect on my quality of life and how I feel on a daily basis.

Ty Burke


I first want to say that the experience far exceeded any expectation I had. I went into this coaching hoping to gain a better understanding of how to properly combine strength and endurance for an Xterra Triathlon and came out with not only so much knowledge but I move better, I'm stronger, and faster! It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Alex went into such depth with his responses around training questions, movement, and the importance of doing what's right for your body, at that time which is something I feel is rare from coaching. Alex also completely changed my deadlift and my mindset around it. I hated deadlifting before this training, I was bad at it and I thought it was a movement I would just never do well. And then, Alex gave me a couple cues, he realized where my weaknesses were and now I love deadlifting!

I was able to pull my old PR of 225 , 2 days after a 25K trail races. A happy day for me! My favorite part about the training was the structure. Alex worked with my schedule and then built out a program I knew would be consistent and flow with what I was doing. I knew what to expect each day, even training for a triathlon and trying to build strength, the days I had one modality, I was done within an hour. The programming is efficient and effective.

I also really appreciated the fact I could see myself making progress every week, this structure makes the workouts far more exciting.

I went into this wanting to get learn, hopeful to gain a little strength and figure out where I could improve with my off road triathlon and I came out...
1. Not being fearful of pushing heavy weight over my head. PR in all OH Press movements
2. My entire body is stronger & faster - I move better and I can move weight around better.
3. More power on the bike
4. PR Deadlift
5. PR my swim & bike in my Xterra
6. The two most important things I gained were confidence in my abilities and my body, as well as a far better understanding of what works for my body.

Whitney Taylor


I have been with Alex for almost 4 years, after applying for and being selected for a special project of his. I have set and exceeded many goals in this time. His programming and coaching has taught me to be more patient with myself and training. He has reminded me to step back and look at how far my progress has come and to trust in what I can do. His tailored approach to my training has made me a better athlete, person and for that I am forever grateful and thankful.

During my time with Alex, I have transitioned from CrossFit to Powerlifting. I love the strength portion of my training!! I have set several state level records in powerlifting for 2 weight classes, and for a very brief moment held a world record deadlift in my age/weight class.

I am thankful and proud that this 50-year old body can still do all of the things Alex programs for me. It's been amazing and I love how patient and encouraging he is. He believes in me more than I do myself  

Shari Langrall


I feel I have the ability to perform across different disciplines, and it really makes me feel bulletproof. I feel like there’s no challenge that Alex puts in front of me I can’t do because of how well he prepares me for it. It's my first time really committing to a specific program long term.

Love the ability to always be ready to tackle any challenge thrown my way.

I've tackled Knight of Sufferlandria, 200KM bike ride holding 200 watts the whole way through, 400 LB back squat, 500 LB deadlift, sub 6 mins mile run. All of it has been such an amazing experience hard to pick one.

Alex has a vast knowledge, very supportive, always willing to find solutions to problems. Also just a great guy I look up to.

Alex Rouleau