For first-time gait analysis with Nickademus.

Included in the analysis:

3-point video gait analysis (frontal & sagittal planes)

60-min one on one zoom call with Nickademus as he goes over your gait with you

Customized two-week mobility/ strength and gait retraining program built through TrainingPeaks

For all manner of athletes, not just runners!



In-depth video analysis of your Olympic lifts, done by our dedicated Oly and CrossFit coach

What you'll get:

Analysis of no less than 6 lift attempts
Feedback video with video descriptions of pain points, instruction, and guidance
Follow up call with Coach Kenny to discuss ongoing correctives, program adjustments, and any additional skill-work

Upon delivery of this first analysis, you will receive a coupon for 50% off of any future analysis from Coach Kenny.

For any athlete with an interest in Olympic Lifting - even/especially beginners


Book a Consult with Alex viada

or our team!

1 hour consult

45-60 minute evaluation of your training program, including feedback, modifications, and nutritional support.


Please note - if you decide to roll this into one on one coaching, the cost of this consult will be applied to your first coaching payment in full!


Team Consult

Let us know what you want to discuss, specifically, and we'll set you up with one of our coaches. Ultrarunning, gait, military selection, cycling, OCR, nutrition, a mix of all? Let us know.

$75 for 1 hour consultation with coach of your choice, or our choice based on your goals. Price credited back to you if you choose to continue with 1:1 coaching ($50/off any coaching package we offer).