From Ross Gilbert



The Kettlebell Long Cycle for the purposes of The Crucible is defined as lifting a Kettlebell in two different phases, the “Clean”, followed by a “Jerk”, or “Press” to comprise one exercise cycle. Using alternating hands, the athlete will Clean and Jerk/Press their kettlebell for as many reps as possible with a time-cap of 30 minutes.

Scaled weight: 24kg men/12kg women. Pro weight: 32kg men/24kg women

Performed and filmed in one attempt (multiple attempts can be filmed, only 1 can be submitted)

Video submission guidelines: Film all 30 minutes (or from start to end of attempt, if under 30 minutes)
Upload videos to YouTube or Vimeo, Instagram videos will not be accepted
Place video link (Unlisted or Public) into RunSignUp submission form

TO SUBMIT SCORE: Enter TOTAL REPS (in the 30 minute time cap) as the final score in RunSignUp submission form.

Fixation means:
• Arm(s), legs and hips are fully extended
• The body is aligned
• The body is motionless*
• The kettlebell is motionless

MOVEMENT STANDARDS:   Using alternating arms (athlete’s choice of alternation pattern), the kettlebell must stop in rack position and the legs must be straightened/knees locked out before commencing the Jerk/Press (no bouncing). The competitor then performs a Jerk, Press or Push Press. After fixation (see above), the kettlebell must be dropped briefly back into the rack position before the back swing for the next rep to exhibit control and prevent injury. In case of a failed lockout attempt on the Jerk/Press, the whole repetition must be redone from the back swing.

• Not separating and completing the Clean during Long Cycle (rebounding out of the rack position)
• There is no alignment in the overhead position (excessive twist or side bend, arm at 10 o’clock)
• Legs and arm are not straight/ locked in fixation
• Not returning to the rack after the fixation
• Not performing a clean after a jerk/press attempt (example: 1 clean + 2 jerks/presses)
• Switching without a hand to hand swing
• Any swing between reps (-1 per swing)
• Touching/ supporting the kettlebell, platform OR body with the free hand
• Resting in a prohibited position ONCE
• There is no fixation in the overhead position

An attempt will end when one of the following happens:
• Resting in a prohibited position for the 2nd time
• The kettlebell is put down on the platform
• The kettlebell touches the platform with a visible full loss of motion

Resting positions PERMITTED:
• To rest in the rack position
• To rest in the overhead position
• To rest hanging between the legs

Resting positions PROHIBITED:
• To rest with the kettlebell on top of the shoulder (skeleton bearing the weight, NOT rack posiiton)
• To rest against the legs

INCLUDE IN VIDEO: Weight of kettlebell (clearly visible or weighed on a scale), and entire attempt from start (KB leaving floor) to finish (2 prohibited resting positions accumulated, the kettlebell touches the platform, or the kettlebell is set down).