Nickademus de la rosa, CSCS, ACE


Nickademus, or Nick, ran his first marathon at the age of 15. Overcome by low self-esteem and a need to stand out from his peers, he pursued ultra-running and at the age of 19, became the world's youngest Badwater 135 mile foot-race finisher.

Nick continued to make a name for himself in the ultra-running world with age records and eventual wins. Most notable in his career was in 2013, where Nick not only finished but won the infamous Barkley Marathons, making him one of only 15 finishers in the event's history. Nick began coaching in 2015, originally leading San Diego-based bootcamps and training groups for local trail races. His fascination for gait and movement analysis began in early 2016 when a persistent knee injury put him on the sidelines. He studied under Richard Diaz (founder of Natural Running Network) and took to self-studying the methods of Jay Dicharry DPT, Joe Uhan DPT and Katie Bownman MS.

He's since been actively applying and coaching posture and running mechanics for the last five years virtually and in-person. In 2018, open heart surgery for an aortic aneurysm halted Nick's professional career. The ensuing struggle, depression and anxiety he experienced firsthand revealed an unhealthy and codependent relationship he'd developed with running over the years. The loss of this professional identity has been intense, but a gift to share with athletes who have gone through or are anticipating big large changes.

Coaching with Nick is a blend of movement and psychological analysis. He likes to move beyond the standard framework of prescribed mileage and lifts. If comfortable, you'll discuss and work together through topics such as: why do you run in the first place? How do you cope with failure? What are your movements and posture like the other 24 hours of the day when you're not training?

In addition to Nick's 15yrs+ in the endurance world, he holds a CSCS, ACE and a level 1 Running Analysis from Run DNA.

Nickademus is delighted to work with just about anyone—in particular, folks who have never maintained a schedule or worked out consistently before. If he can really connect with someone new to the sport and slowly nurture habit and joy in a sport (such as running) he finds it incredibly rewarding. He finds working with the psychology and barriers to habit development whether that's better posture, running consistently or even improving your positive self-talk during workouts one of the most rewarding elements of coaching. 

Badwater 135 (youngest finisher at 19)
Spartan Death Race, VT, 6th place
HURT 100, 3rd place
Barkley Marathons, 1st and 13th finisher in the race’s 25+yr history
Fuego y Agua 100km, 1st Place
Italy’s Tor des Geants, 2nd Place
Canada’s Fat Dog 120 Miler, 1st Place,
CR Orca 100, 1st Place


Some Gait advice from nick


Educational material, running form guides, and race updates - follow Nick for tours of the United States, on foot.



Nickademus' run-specific coaching company, Lightfoot, regularly puts out educational material and running guidance. Give them a follow!





Nick has been great! From the exercises that he has given me, to the running workouts that are strategic to my goals, I’m going to crush my race! Nick gives feedback, and I don’t feel like I’m doing this alone. My training using training peaks has been great. It provides transparency with my coach, and my training plan is more fluid/dynamic and adapts to my goals based on progress. Other training has been “hey do x,y,z for the next n weeks” now it changes as I change.

Ian Becker


It was/is a great experience, I have grown so much mentally and physically. It has created a discipline in my life that I have always wanted. The coaches are great in approaching each athlete individually and I don't feel pressure that I have in the past from other coaches that I have hired at other companies. I have been able to push myself further than I have ever imagined physically and mentally. It has pushed me to shoot for larger and longer distances.

Kyle Bundra


With Nickademus, he had such a wealth of knowledge when it came to ultrarunning that I was able to ask him endless questions about the sport, from sleep deprivation to gear choices, and he always had some experience to draw on. He took a long holistic approach to my running career while allowing me to still dabble in strength training.

During my time as a CHP client I set PRs in all my lifts: snatch, clean & jerk, back squat, deadlift. I also went from running 50k's to completing my first 100 mile trail race in 2019 and have since run numerous other ultramarathons, including races with over 10,000' of gain, which are now my main interest (vert!).

My training at CHP has varied a lot over the last few years, it's had everything from standard CrossFit workouts, long weightlifting sessions, trail runs, weighted rucks, and even mindfulness practices. I would say the best part about the CHP training is that it is diverse while still goal-focused on whatever you want to get better at.

Samuel Hartman