What is hybrid coaching?

What is hybrid training, exactly?

You’ve probably seen it referred to in many of our articles and throughout our website. You may have even seen our ebook called The Hybrid Athlete, written by Alex Viada.

If you want the most comprehensive definition, picking up the book or subscribing to the Human Performance Analytics learning hub would be a great place to start. In short, hybrid training is the concurrent training of multiple disciplines of sport, combining strength and endurance training while also managing recovery in a way that optimizes performance in all areas at once.

It can be applied to just about any sport these days, or integrated in a way to promote general health and wellness (see our Restoration coaching package).

Completely individualized online coaching by industry experts and fellow athletes


CHP's Performance coaching package is our "gold standard" - it is one-on-one coaching with an expert in the sport or sports you wish to progress in.

No templates, no repeat programs. All programs are custom tailored to meet your objectives and are adjusted weekly (or as necessary). We bring close to a decade of experience with online coaching to the table; join the thousands of athletes who've worked with us to become better powerlifters, bodybuilders, runners, cyclists, triathletes, CrossFitters, OCR competitors, fighters, or military athletes.

*Registering for our coaching also gets you access to our entire library of instructional videos, discussion forums, and various educational offerings hosted on the HPA platform.


Once you're signed up for coaching, you'll receive an email from us with an intake form. Once you fill out the form, we'll get you set up with a coach that suits your training goals the best. They'll reach out, get you set up, and you'll be on a roll.

Questions? Email [email protected]


Month to month, no minimum, no cancellation fee. 

Starting at $189/month 

**all packages are subject to autorenewal



3 months of coaching, paid in full. 

$540 for 3 months (5% savings)

**all packages are subject to autorenewal 



6 months of coaching, paid in full.

$1,020 for 3 months (10% savings)

**all packages are subject to autorenewal