Complete Human Performance’s Premier Level Coaching is not traditional coaching. This is not general back and forth programming to help you meet your goals, this is not just helping you reach targets that you believe possible.

Our Premier Level coaching is 100% bespoke programming, where you let us take the helm completely. We push you to your limits, utilizing the absolute most up to date information and data we have to make you into a better, more freakish athlete than you ever thought possible.

When you register, you will be tasked with developing a set of ambitious goals above and beyond what you realistically believed you could achieve, and we will work with you to bring you there.

in signing up, you agree to adhere to our training 100%

This is not fake bravado or marketing. We have the expertise to combine every conceivable training discipline into a program that will take you further than ever before; but in signing up, you agree to adhere to our training 100%.

We require specific dedication, perseverance, and unerring focus on long-term goals.

You will be working directly with CHP founder Alex Viada, and will have access to our full library of educational material, including the CORE course, for the duration of your coaching.

$599/month, hand-selected clientele only