An 8 week course, with 8 pre-recorded modules by Alex Viada, led by a rotation of CHP Coaches.

What you get:
- 8 modules
- 4 live Q&As
- Private class discussion forum.


1. Introduction to Virtual Coaching
2. Coaching Platforms and Communication
3. Initial and Ongoing Assessments
4. Devices and Wearables
5. Coaching for Endurance Sports
6. Coaching for Strength Sports
7. Concurrent Programming Design
8. Nutrition for Concurrent Athletes 

All content is intended for concurrent training for multiple disciplines, and will include case studies and research reviews. We will help attendees file for CEUs, a certificate will be awarded if the final exam is passed successfully (though a attendance certificate will also be given if the enrollee prefers not to take the exam). 

Discussion forums will have active participation from course instructors. Class size will be highly limited to ensure personal attention. This will effectively be the closest thing to an internship or "one on one coach training" with CHP that has ever been offered


Course materials remain available after the 8 weeks concludes, allowing students to take the exam at their own pace. 

Once complete, students receive a coupon code to take any future iteration of The Master Course for only $50, allowing them to participate multiple times with different coaches, but not need to re-purchase our course material more than once.


Meet some of the recent graduates of our Hybrid Master Course:

"The course was unbelievably valuable, and I'm looking forward to seeing what will be added to it in the future."

I am a former engineer, turned nutrition and performance coach, personal trainer, and a self-proclaimed master of helping others both perform and feel better than they thought possible.

I've worked with a wide range of people for the last 15 years, from top level athletes in sports like Motocross, OCR, Rowing, Powerlifting, Strongman and Bodybuilding. Too people who simply want help with lifestyle and body composition change in the most effective way possible.

Web: - Performance Coach E-mail: [email protected]

Erik J. Nilsen

Performance Coach

Cindy is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Fitness Nutrition Specialist and currently enrolled in their Certified Nutrition Coach Program. She is also a VDOT Endurance and RRCA Running coach, 2 times Boston Qualifying marathon runner with 18 marathons and a couple 50ks under her belt and is currently trying her hand in Triathlon.

She balances her love of lifting heavy and cardio by also being a 200 RYT Yoga instructor. She currently runs a coaching business called CK Strength and Endurance Training, LLC.

Cindy has spent nearly 2 decades in the fitness industry coaching and teaching group fitness to a wide variety of clientele. Her love of health began with a Bachelor's Degree in nursing practicing cardiology intensive care for 8 years before changing gears into fitness. It was something more flexible with small children and the nomadic life of a career military wife. Cindy loves everything outdoors, and now that her two children are older(HS and college), she is able to hike and travel more and use her fitness to be able to experience lots of outdoor adventures and occasionally some races.

Cindy Kulikowski


Brett is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach through the NSCA. He aspires to help people get out of pain and rehabilitate their injuries so they can return to the activities that they love. He believes that while rest and recovery are necessary during the healing process, so is staying active and doing things that you enjoy. He prides himself in problem solving and implementing effective strategies with patients and clients that allows them to stay as active as possible while also recovering from their injury.

As a lifelong learner and athlete, Brett believes that one of the most important aspects of any recovery and rehab process is education. He aims to empower his patients and clients by helping them understand their injury as well as the necessary steps to improve and make further progress.

Brett received his B.S. in Biology from Monmouth University where he played college football. He studied Physical Therapy at Mercy College after experiencing many injuries during his athletic career. He believes in constantly educating himself and trying new disciplines because it helps him relate to and understand the needs and demands of his clientele. He currently enjoys rock climbing, hiking, participating in triathlons, and powerlifting, amongst many other things (which he may or may not be good at).

 Brett Hoppel


I've been coaching in some form or another since 2008, initially getting the coaching bug while teaching professional wrestling as a full time job in Madrid, Spain and then moving into the PT/Commercial fitness realm in Dublin a couple years later. Over the course of my coaching career I've tried my best to be the ultimate generalist, preferring to work with gen pop and improve their various physical attributes as best we can, rather than nailing my colours to the mast of powerlifting or weightlifting etc.

I'd consider myself an Anti-Crossfit-Crossfitter, meaning I train in a crossfit style but do so in the pursuit of the training effect and the physical adaptation it will elicit, as opposed to the crossfit athlete who will train to be as efficient a crossfitter as possible. I came 4th in The Crucible Pro Division in 2021, missing out on 3rd by a point, and I cried for about a month afterwards.

You can find me on social media for coaching, or if you want to see me pretend to fight in speedos it's @catch_provocateur

Dean Merton

Professional Wrestler, Coach