Stationary bike with power meter
Road bike with power meter
Airdyne/Airbike with power meter (wattage/calorie readout)
Rower with power meter (wattage/calorie readout)

Video submission guidelines: Film bike used, power meter used (if power meter is separate from bike), and if elite, film all 30 working seconds. Upload videos to YouTube or Vimeo, Instagram videos will not be accepted
Place video link (Unlisted or Public) into RunSignUp submission form
You may also attach a photograph of your bike screen or link to Zwift/trainer data uploaded to Strava.

TO SUBMIT SCORE: Enter MEAN WATTAGE (from the 30 second effort) as the final score in RunSignUp submission form.


Warm up - Start cycling. The participant should cycle at 60rpm for 3-4 minutes at 60W (females) or 90W (males).
Warm up Sprint - After 2-3 minutes of easy cycling at low watts, sprint all-out for ~30 seconds. Stop immediately after 30 seconds, and return to the easy spin for another 1-2 minutes.

30 SECOND WINGATE TEST - On “GO,” athlete will either a) reset the airdyne screen to start each value from 0 b) begin cycling on their stationary with a power meter.   Athlete will cycle at an all-out sprint for 30 seconds.

Easy spin cooldown 1-2 minutes.

GATHERING TEST DATA/SCORE: For a bike with power meters, NOTE: the wattage/output will likely be lower than what could be accomplished on an airbike unless the individual is an experienced cyclist with ideal bike fit. In which case, the stationary bike would be the best option. If you have a Strava Subscription, you can use their Best Effort Power Curve Calculator:

Otherwise, film your bike screen/have someone film your bike screen for the duration of your ride and submit your 30 seconds of data via .gpx, Strava, or Zwift file.

For an airbike, reset the screen before beginning the 30 second test. Photograph final screen displaying average wattage over the 30 seconds, OR, if bike does not display watts, photograph and submit *total calories*.

NOTE: We will calculate your wattage for you using calories, but we will have to round down in the absence of other data. If you are aiming to be competitive, please find the best piece of equipment possible for this test and gather as much data as is possible.

For a rower, note that score will likely be lower than it would be on a bike unless you are an extremely proficient rower. Follow airbike directions and submission instructions.